Providing safe childcare during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

Horsham Montessori has closely followed Government guidance during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, we have introduced a number of new procedures in order to operate as safely as possible.

Through planning ahead and introducing a number of contingency arrangements, we have been able to avoid shortages in PPE and cleaning materials. These are all purchased from a local supplier who we have kept a close relationship with throughout the pandemic.

All staff at Horsham Montessori have undertaken Covid-19 training in such things as PPE, hand hygiene and procedures in dealing with suspected cases. Senior staff have undertaken extensive training in infection control which is updated regularly. Our safety procedures start when the children arrive at the setting - their bags, shoes and bikes/scooters are all sanitised. The procedures throughout the day include temperature checks, enhanced hand-washing, increased ventilation, rigorous cleaning routines, including one deep clean a week. We also have hand sanitisation stations located in each of the rooms.

We currently limit the number of adults entering our premises, with staff greeting parents and children at the gate during our staggered drop-off and collection times. We now carry out visits before/after opening hours to ensure there are no children on site at the same time. We carry out parent meetings over zoom, on the telephone or a walk around the park.

We are lucky enough to have two large outdoor areas and access to the adjacent allotments. Research has shown that risk of transmission of the virus is drastically reduced outdoors. Therefore we try and utilise these areas as much as possible.

For children in our care, parents can have every reassurance that at Horsham Montessori, we are doing our utmost to keep our families and our staff as safe and as healthy as possible.